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Scottish Food and Drink

Scottish Food and Drink

Scotland has a huge selection of delicious local produce from the sea and land– the freshest of seafoods...... and shellfish, succulent Aberdeen Angus Steak, best Scottish Lamb and a selection of Game Meats and of course Haggis (there is even a vegetarian Haggis option)!

We also have a great selection of locally grown vegetables and fruits – Scottish strawberries have a distinct and delicious flavour, as do our raspberries and other fine fruits.

Single malt whisky and shortbread biscuit.

Single malt whisky and shortbread biscuit.

We produce some of the finest single malt whiskies and local beers, including one made from the Heather plant, 'Fraoch Ale'.

We even have really delicious water! Not fogetting our Scottish Shortbread, Selkirk Bannock and other tasty baking. Afternoon Tea is a great Scottish tradition to be savoured at a gentle pace.

There is something for every taste, including vegetarian and vegan in Scotland and we have some of the very best chefs and cooks in the world, so come and enjoy a selection of some of the very best food on the planet.

Bon apetit and Slainte mhath!

Full Scottish breakfast

Left: Mark Greenaway one of Scotland’s finest and most creative chefs working in his restaurant kitchen.
Right: A Full Scottish Breakfast, mushrooms, sausage, tomato, fried bread, haggis, bacon, fried potatoes, black pudding and fried egg . This really sets you up for day exploring.

Chef at work

In my bespoke itineraries I always suggest dining options for visitors. I think when you visit any country it is important to try the local produce, it is part of the whole travel experience. I can plan tours where you can enjoy a great lunch, maybe in a local pub and then arrive at very comfortable accommodation where you can have fine dining or venture out, and have delicious dinners in the evening.


Duck pressé with truffle

Pork Belly

Pork belly with apple jelly and pork scratchings

Smoked salmon and scrambled eggs

Above: Hake fillet with lobster tortellini.
Right: Smoked salmon and scrambled egg, another breakfast favourite.

You will not be disappointed by the huge number of restaurants all over the country many using Scottish produce to provide the diner with a wonderful experience that will enhance your visit to our country. There are also many pubs and inns that cater for lunches and evening meals and there are a huge number of tea and coffee shops that can delight you with the tastiest home-baking, some local delicacies such as Selkirk Bannock, and Afternoon Teas. You cannot come to Scotland and not try at least one scone, cream and jam!

halibut with shellfish and cannelloni
Spring vegetable garden with truffle croutons

Above: Spring vegetable garden with truffle croutons.
Right: Halibut with shellfish and cannelloni.
Below right: Gingerbread desert.

rich chocolate dessert with a twist

Many eating places also cater for the vegetarian and vegan diners, and special diets can be catered for, so everyone can enjoy eating in Scotland. If you do want to try some other styles of dining, there are also a good selection of French, Indian, Italian, Chinese, Greek, Thai, Spanish and Mexican eateries.

Of course, as in many other countries we also have Fast food but you will find that most of our eating places do not do fast food, they do fantastic food as quickly as they can.

So go on, spoil yourselves and indulge in some delicious gastronomy in Scotland, it will be cherry on top of the cake for your holiday.

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Restaurant Mark Greenaway

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